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book a room

Booking a room has never been easier! With roomstep you can integrate the Search Booking Engine directly into your existing website. Visitors can book in three easy steps. First they enter their search criteria – check-in and check-out dates, number of rooms and persons. The second step displays the search results and lets users book multiple rooms. There is detailed info about each room – availability, price, cancellation conditions, facilities, photos, size.

2nd step

The third and final step lets the potential client choose how to complete the reservation process – as a guest account without registering, or as a registered user. Registered users are able to track their booking history, take notes, create reviews and also receive different special promotions. Booking confirmation links and details are sent via e-mail.

Book a Service

Book a Service is one of the innovative features roomstep provides. Your guests and clients can not only book rooms, but also browse and select from a detailed catalogue of available services.  Imagine someone sunbathing at the beach, who wants to complete the pleasant experience from his wonderful day with a relaxing massage in the evening. All he needs to do is get his smartphone, choose a type of massage and specify the time he would be attending the procedure. Same goes for football, volleyball, tennis, fitness, restaurand food and many more, depending on the range of services your hotel provides.

book a service1


Both Book a Room and Book a Service features are managed through the administrative module – a web-based application where users with different access levels can add rooms, offers, prices per periods, descriptions and many more.