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Powerful, useful, mobile-friendly and FREE!
Useful and Powerful

Easy-to-use Booking Engine and powerful administration. Create individual promotions and special offers. Win many new clients and make them return!

FREE Installation

Flexible commision-based models. Personal approach and custom installation. Free business analysis and 24/7 technical support.

Book Rooms and Services

Let your clients choose from all your offers and book online with just a few clicks. Now your guests can also book services, such as massage, tennis or spa.


Works great on mobile devices disregarding the Operating system. Your clients can now Book a Service for a specific hour while relaxing on the beach!

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The ultimate hotel business tool!
More Guests, Easy Management, Better Service!

roomstep is a modern specialized business software for hotels and accomodation providers. Its powerful management module and easy-to-use client interface make roomstep stand amongst the most useful hotel business tools worldwide.

roomstep combines both hotel website funcionalities and a search booking engine. Our web tool has several features and components, such as Booking Engine, Venues and Events management, Custom offers Creation and so on. The innovative Book a Service feature guarantees happier guests due to better and technologically-optimized service. roomstep supports different languages in both front-end and back-end views.

Everything we provide is flexible, meaning you can choose to install all roomstep features or just integrate some of them into your existing website or business system. Guests and administrators can access the software on any device connected to the Internet, disregarding the operating system and screen resolution.

We offer 24/7 product support and use the most modern methods for data protection. Modern, poweful, productive, safe and secure - roomstep is the step forward for your hotel business!

  • 14 minutes is the average time a guest spends on the hotel website

    Accodring to

  • 11 minutes is the average time a guest spends on the booking engine website

    According to

  • 88% of consumers who search for a type of local business on a mobile device call or go to that business within 24 hours

    According to

  • 100% Security

    Safe and Secure


Always one step ahead!
Fast and easy booking
Easy-to-use client interface, Innovative modules, components and multilingual support added for better understanding, navigation and online experience. Fast and easy reservations! Works great on mobile devices!
Special Offers and Promotions
Keep your loyal clients satisfied!
Not only attract new visitors, but also keep them happy and returning later. Stimulate and reward their loyalty by creating personalized discounts and promotions.
Optimized business processes
Powerful backend administration module
Get the most out of every aspect of your business! Easy Room offer creation, price planning and information management. Keep track on all reservations and your client’s database! Manage hotel and room details, cancellation options, taxes, promotions and many more.
Multilingual Support
roomstep support a wide range of languages.
Everything is translated to the languages you operate with! Provide equally great service to all your visitors no matter their nationality! Create special offers for foreign guests! Let your website visitors navigate easily, seeing menus, information and texts in their own language!


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